Infection Control

What is Infection Control?

Infection control in dental practice is to prevent the transmission of disease-producing agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi from one patient to another, from dental practitioner and dental staff to patients, and from patients to dental practitioner or other dental staff. In addition, it is necessary that endogenous spread of infection is also prevented by limiting the spread of infectious agents. Smile Sydney follows the standard precautions guidelines as specified by the National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) and Dental Board of Australia.

What technologies are used at Smile Sydney for infection control?

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner – Biosonic UC125
  • Handpiece disinfecting and oiling machine
  • High temperature Miele dishwasher (93C)
  • DAC Professional Autoclave
  • Attest Biological Monitoring

What is the infection control procedure for instruments between each patient?

At Smile Sydney after the treatment is completed the contaminated instruments are taken to the sertilation bay. All the single use items are disposed of such as cotton rolls and gauze. Sharp items such as needles or scalpels are collected in yellow safety containers, the sharps are logged and tracked until they are collected and completely incinerated by a specialized third party. Next the reprocessed instruments such as mirrors, probes or tweezers are immersed into an ultrasonic bath for 15 minutes. The ultrasonic bath contains anti bacterial enzymes and intensive vibration acts to deactivate all pathogens. Once the reprocessed instruments have been partially decontaminated they are inspected and wiped clean. These instruments are then placed into the Miele high temperature dishwasher for 40 minutes at 93 degrees celsius.

After the dishwasher, the hand pieces are then oiled and all instruments are bagged in the bagging area and labeled with the date, time and process batch to be steam autoclaved. Each bag has a heat sensitive labels that change colour to indicate a successful autoclave cycle. The autoclave is loaded and the instruments processed for approximately 1 hour. Additionally Into each load a biological monitoring device which is later incubated against a control vial to confirm successful sterilisation. The autoclave sterilises the instruments at 134 celsius at high pressure with steam from demineralised water. The cycle is computer controlled and regulated to ensure all viruses and bacteria and their spores are completely eliminated. All details of the cycle are computer logged and recorded digitally as well as manually, these records are kept for five years. Once autoclaved all instruments are stored in special sterile areas so they can be kept for future use.

Smile Sydney has the latest modern dental equipment which has been designed for easy cleaning. On top of this work areas are wrapped with barrier film to aid in decontamination. Hand washing and use of alcohol hand gels is used between each patient.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Autoclave Bag